How Dead to Me Came to Be & What’s to Come


By this point, you’ve likely fallen in love with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) of Netflix’s Dead To Me

The BFFs hit a bit of a rough patch as Jen learned that Judy was the one who hit her husband with her car, but at the very end of the season, it seemed they were united once again, staring into the pool at the dead floating body of Judy’s ex, Steve (James Marsden). 

Netflix has since very kindly renewed the show for a second season, meaning we’ll get to see the pair navigate yet another secret and more complicated and messy grief on everybody’s part. 

Season two is a ways away, so for now, we’ve got a lot to talk about from season one. Did Jen actually kill Steve? How much did Christina Applegate’s real life influence the show? Where did the idea even come from? 

In the weeks since the show’s debut, Applegate, Cardellini, and creator Liz Feldman have been weighing in on season one and what comes next. 

Dead to Me is now streaming on Netflix.


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